Nov 24, 2010

Selected chapter from “Rediscovering the Power of No”

What to do?

There are good news and bad news: the bad news - you got so good at saying “yes” without thinking by training yourself to do it (doing it often). The good news – it shows that you can be trained, and therefore you can train yourself to stop and think, before throwing out an answer. So how do you train yourself to stop and think? By starting to do it often, of course!

Don’t worry; you are not going to be alone in this. You’ve got someone to help you out.

Let me introduce you to ITAI

ITAI is a thinker. Whenever he is asked to do something or to give something he always answers: “I’ll Think About It.”

Become friendly with ITAI, and start training yourself to replace the default “yes” answer with ITAI’s nugget of wisdom: “I’ll think about it.”

It will give you the time to pause and look at your emotions around the request and make a better choice. Making friends with ITAI has an added bonus – even your “yes”, if you decide to say it, becomes more valuable and meaningful, enriched by the value of the thought behind it.

Oh, and don’t forget: Actually think about it!

Where to start?

This is a very important question. However trait it might sound “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Let’s assess where we are and make sure that the first step does not lead us to the abyss...


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