Oct 29, 2011

I know "I told you so" is a cliche - and yet...

I told you so!

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Aug 27, 2011

Irina on Irene

Surely, in the last couple of days I got teased more than once about my almost namesake. Well, I love New York, so it would only be natural if she feels the same way and wants to visit, wouldn't it ? :)

Jokes aside, as we all know,  it is hard to make predictions, especially about the futures and weather predictions are not as much of exception.  However, I am wondering whether anybody else has the feeling that's what's going on around Irene now feels more political then weather related? A jump start of the presidential race for messrs Obama and (may be) Bloomberg as well ? After all the last thing our current President needs on his hands is to have a second Katrina on his hands (all the while being caught  in Martha's Vineyards...). And, considering all the critique Mayor Bloomberg got for handling the snowstorm this winter, he might feel he is better of shutting down the MTA and ordering mandatory evacuation. Is all this activity warranted? We shall see in the next 24 hours. Although I could not help but wonder why the evacuation of BPS is all over the news, but the downgrade of Irene to Category 1 from Category 2 is almost a by the way comment?

What do you think? If you are on the East Coast, you might have plenty of time to ponder and comment this weekend  :).
Be safe

Jun 4, 2011

On help.... It's simple :)

Those who can help - help.
Those who can not - ask :"How can I help you?"
And those who can not even ask - dispense free unsolicited advice