Mar 26, 2011

If you have not seen it yet My Perestroika – IFC Center

My Perestroika – IFC Center

A word from the wise - if you plan to see it get your tickets in advance. Yesterday evening shows were SOLD OUT!


Mar 19, 2011

What's up with the hair?

I am watching a lot of French TV lately (and trying to understand, but that's a separate story :) and I noticed that their anchors hair style is more "free", I'd even say disorganized then the perfect to a "t" American TV folks hairstyles. I mean c'mmon - here when you watch TV it seems like they all just came out of hair salon! Thinking about it - seems like yet another cultural difference.. What's up with that? Do you feel perfect hair is a part for American success/sex symbol?

Mar 16, 2011

Emotional help for Japanese people away from home (in English)

I feel there is a need to provide not only financial support to those in Japan, but also emotional help to Japanese people away from home. Almost all of them have friends and families are affected by the recent tragic events.

It’s mind boggling to imagine the change. Knowing, just yesterday, that your family and friends back home live a safe and comfortable life – and knowing today that they have to worry about radiation, food and shelter….

Based on my expertise helping people to go through various life transitions, I believe Personal Confidantency can create a safe place to talk about the developments in Japan and their effects on the lives of those living abroad and their families back home. I hope it will be at least somewhat healing for those who are far away from their loved ones.

The meetings will take place in Manhattan and participation will be complimentary.

If you feel that you might find Confidantency meetings helpful – please e-mail japan at personalconfidantency dot com and indicate your time preference for the next couple of weeks.

Please feel free to share this information twitt/FB etc

This is how I remember Tokyo….

"Rediscovering the Power of No" - reviewed by Red Haircrow

Happy Reading!

Don't forget: $1 from every copy sold before March 21st will be donated to Japan Relief Fund

Mar 15, 2011

MAKIKOHANDMADE - Helping Japanese Earthquake victims

Makiko is an amazing artist - don't miss the chance to own her art and help Japan. As always - spread the word, every little bit counts!

MAKIKOHANDMADE will donate all profits toSAVE THE CHILDREN and RED CROSS fundations who have established the relief funds for us to help people in Japan.

Mar 14, 2011

Power of No and Getting to Yes

"what I read I enjoyed. I believe saying no is almost as important as "getting to yes."."

Jared Silberman, Professor at The College of William and Mary, Marymount University

Live TV - Japan (with English translation)

I asked...and Mr. Market answered!

So, it seems like Mr. Market answered the questions I asked here .
This looks like an answer to me!

(Disclaimer: DO NOT take this as an advice or recommendation to make any kind of financial decision. I am not it money management business and, in fact, not in a business of dispensing free unsolicited advice on any subject whatsoever (while I might occasionally do it as a hobby..., but I digress) . I might, or might not hold long, short, medium, bold, curly, wavy etc - all kinds of odd positions in the stock :)

I would love to hear experts speaking on subject though - the threat seems to be there not only for Japan....

Nonprofits, retailers pass the hat for Japan - Crain's New York Business

Nonprofits, retailers pass the hat for Japan - Crain's New York Business

More ways to contribute - spread the word!

Mar 12, 2011

Japan - is it time to talk radiation countermeasures?

As you might have noticed I do closely follow the developments in Japan, and one thing is puzzling: nobody so far seemed to mention radiation countermeasures for potential exposure from Fukushima reactor. Now, I am not in any way an expert in the flied, but I do know that such measures are being developed and some of them are in a pretty advanced stage and passed initial human trials. I am talking about CBLB502, the drug being developed by Cleveland Biolabs, which demonstrated protection from radiation damage. I am hoping the science had progressed since Chernobyl calamity and there must be some additional ways to protect the population from the disaster, in addition to evacuation and iodine. What are they and why is nobody talking about it?!

UPD. here is some info on CBLB502 :

Mar 11, 2011

My interview on Talking Alternative (recording )

Helping Japanese Earthquake victims

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries I've ever visited. The extent of the disaster seems totally unreal... In my memories the country is so tranquil...

My deepest sympathy goes out to all affected by the disaster.

Let's try to help!

I already made a donation to Red Cross, but I want to do more.

For the next 30 days, starting today 3/11 , I will donate $75 for every reality check session with those who want to support Japanese disaster victims or give a discount (up to $100) to match the donors contribution . Just mention Japan when you register ( ) or provide proof of donation.

Also, if you have a business that wants to donate part of the profits to the cause - please let me know. I am compiling this information and will put it out on my blog, web site and FB, so that we can spread the word.

More information on how to help: and

Please spread the word! Tweet, FB - Share

UPDATE 3/16 Emotional Help for Japanese people away from home


MAKIKOHANDMADE will donate all profits toSAVE THE CHILDREN and RED CROSS fundations who have established the relief funds for us to help people in Japan.

Heart to Heart Japan Relief bookmarks

Order a set of three Japan disaster relief bookmark today!
ONLY $5 - click add to bag and view cart for easy check out.

UPD 3/13.

Businesses donating... ( please verify with the vendors before making a purchase. if you know of other businesses, please let us know):

$1 from every copy of "Rediscovering the Power of No" sold before March 21 will be donated to Red Cross for Japan relief effort has been a resource in other natural disasters to prospective hosts and victims who have used the website to find places to stay. They are not able to make a direct financial contribution at this point, but the information might be useful

American Airlines AAdvantage bonus mile offer. Through April 15, 2011, AAdvantage members can earn a one-time award of 250 AAdvantage bonus miles for a minimum $50 donation, or 500 AAdvantage bonus miles for a donation of $100. More information:

12K 12k is donating all profits from their online shop for the month of March to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund set up by New York’s Japan Society.

Space Coyote

100% of proceeds go to Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund (and of proof will be provided)

Please spread the word! Tweet, FB - Share!

Mar 10, 2011

The Science of Women and Cats: The Bond Is Real

The Science of Women and Cats: The Bond Is Real

The science is just confirming what I always knew intuitively and experientially.

How much would you pay for using FB?

Just curious - if you had to pay for FB, what's the max you would be willing to pay per month?

Leave a comment/spread the word.

Mar 9, 2011

Why starting over in your career is so hard -- and necessary - The Boston Globe

Interesting scientific perspective on career transitions.

I know from experience that many people feel this way, and transitions are indeed "easier" when one is "trained" to transition.

Mar 8, 2011

Influencing the Headlines: Empowering Women in Media

A couple of weeks ago I attended "Influencing the headlines" workshop and panel discussions organized by NCE. It was a great experience and I've been planning to blog about it ever since. Now is the time - the NCE announced their April Chicago workshop. I will give you the details below, but first - my musings : ). I've learned a lot and met quite a few interesting people. Being on NCE platform helps you to "be at the right place at the right time".
and they help you to get YOUR message across. It definitely helped me to get to a better place with my interviews and I hope for many more to come!

I feel that this is super important for entrepreneurs, especially those in the beginning stages of their business. The right media exposure at the right time can be a deciding moment in the life of a venture. In my filed it is certainly the case and I am looking forward to working with NCE. Any questions? Just ask!

And now to those lucky ones who might get to Chicago:

Influencing the Headlines: Empowering Women in Media

“Only 24% of the people heard or read about in print, radio and television
news are female” (The Global Media Monitoring Project, 2010).

“Only 15% of OpEd’s published are written by women. Why? Because the
submission rate by women is slightly over 15%" (The OpEd Project).

On April 8th, hosted by Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism and
sponsored in part by Cision, NewsCertified Exchange will bring its
"Influencing the Headlines: Empowering Women in Media" series to Chicago.
Created to promote the expertise, insight and thought leadership of female
professionals in the media, Influencing the Headlines provides a unique
networking, educational and positioning opportunity that is not afforded by
other conferences or media training services.

Influencing the Headlines limits participation to only one hundred and
brings together top leaders in industry, communications and journalism.
Chicago participants include: Lynn Sherr (award-winning broadcast
journalist who spent more than 30 years with ABC), Chicago’s own Sarah
Evans (a social media consultant and Twitter phenom with a follower base of
more than 56,000), NCE Expert Sharon Lechter (co-author of Rich Dad Poor
Dad, CEO and entrepreneur) Rusty Dornin (award-winning CNN journalist) and
many others.

There is a lot of depth to this program, so please take the time to look
at the following link:

Bill Duggan, Columbia Professor and author of "Strategic Intuition" on "Rediscovering the Power of No"

"’ve done a great job...Congratulations, and good luck with it."

--Bill Duggan, Columbia Professor and Author of Strategic Intuition “Best Strategy Book of the Year" (Strategy+Business Journal)

Mar 7, 2011

What are you doing this Friday @11:00AM?

I hope you've got this one right: listening in to my interview with Sam Liebowitz on !

What if you have other plans? No worries - a replay will be available on

Talk to you soon! :)

Mar 6, 2011

And "Inside Job" is not even a proverbial first page of Wall Street Journal. Ouch!

I can understand now why Dean Hubbard related to the movie the way he did. And "Inside Job" is not even a proverbial first page of Wall Street Journal. Ouch!

Mar 4, 2011

Did you know that e-book is turning 40 this year?

Did you know that e-book is turning 40 this year?
This and other cool stuff, (including my books!) at Read an E-book Week: Read an E-Book Week - E-Book and E-Reader Information

Mar 3, 2011

Mar 1, 2011

Rutgers Professor on "Rediscovering the Power of No"

"I suggested my students to take a look, especially if they find it difficult to say “no”. Good work." -- Ajai Gaur, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Rutgers Business School .

I am beyond thrilled and proud!