Nov 25, 2010

Giving Thanks - childhood dreams coming true...

One of my childhood dreams ( I am talking about my inner child here :) was to watch the Thanksgiving Macy's Parade. To watch it not from the cold and windy wilderness of the city ( you might call it great outdoors, but I beg to differ), but from the privacy and comfort of an office or a residence. Cuppa coffee at hand, nice conversation et al.

So today, my dream came true, thanks to an absolutely fabulous, almost fairy lady friend, whom I was lucky to meet this year. ( Yes, she is single, so do take notice. And yes, if I think you are worthy, I can try to introduce you. )

Without further ado here it is - New York 2010, Thanksgiving, Dreams coming true:

This is how it looked before.... 7:50 AM, Herald Square

This is a proof that it is indeed New York - cabs and pigeons coexist in dangerous proximity to one another

And this is Times Square before... Anticipating...



Those people whose work made it possible for you to watch the parade on TV (I think:) :

And of course - Energizer Bunny!

Happy T-day!

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