Apr 1, 2011

Breakup clinic needs your advice -which image is more appropriate?

This is what Breakup clinic is:

Breakup clinic™

Who should consider?

You’ve been through a tough breakup… You want to make your healing process less painful and more efficient, learn from it and work on preventing future breakups.
You have a friend who just went through a breakup and you wish you could help…
You consider starting a new relationship (or you already started one) and you want to mitigate the risk of a breakup. 
What we do?
Once we meet we help you to 
- Develop a customized action plan for you to ease the process. We know that generic advice – “do something to distract yourself” does not work, so we help you to identify specific activities that will be appropriate for you. (Activities might include private Pilates sessions, working with makeover specialists and art consultants,  martial arts and foreign languages and many more!) 
- Work with our specialist and affiliates to create an appropriate package to include the actives we’ve identified in the plan. 
- Support you along the way and help you stick to the plan!
- Work with you on identifying appropriate venues and candidates, to mitigate the risk of a breakup when you decide to move on. 

and here are the images I am considering:

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