Mar 12, 2011

Japan - is it time to talk radiation countermeasures?

As you might have noticed I do closely follow the developments in Japan, and one thing is puzzling: nobody so far seemed to mention radiation countermeasures for potential exposure from Fukushima reactor. Now, I am not in any way an expert in the flied, but I do know that such measures are being developed and some of them are in a pretty advanced stage and passed initial human trials. I am talking about CBLB502, the drug being developed by Cleveland Biolabs, which demonstrated protection from radiation damage. I am hoping the science had progressed since Chernobyl calamity and there must be some additional ways to protect the population from the disaster, in addition to evacuation and iodine. What are they and why is nobody talking about it?!

UPD. here is some info on CBLB502 :


  1. Yeah, it is puzzling that the media is so clueless about the reality and spends most time debating potassium iodide, which doesn't protect anything but one's thyroid. Cleveland Biolabs has just offered to donate the drug for Japan's first responders, if US and Japan governments approve it for emergency use. Hope, it will not come to using the drug, and noone gets sick, but it would be an extra safety net.


  2. Thank you, Dima.
    It is puzzling indeed, one would think Japanese government would want to have a plan B for those working at Fukushima. Hopefully it will not be necessary, but at the moment the situation seem to be out of control, so ......

  3. @Dima
    On a separate note, I wish CBLI PR would be more communicative. Doesn't mean more revealing, as I understand that the firm is bound by a number of contracts and regulations, but just more engaged in communication process with the investors and general public. Even something like: "Hey mates, there are no news, business as usual here in Buffalo" every other day while the crisis is going on, would have calming and reassuring effect. Just my 2c :)

  4. true, communication is not perfect, hard to do much with unapproved drug though, CBLI PR doesn't want to be viewed as agressive, or as trying to benefit from the tragedy.

  5. I understand, in situations like this the lines between arrogant, aggressive and assertive are blurred indeed.... But assertive (and even aggressive) are not curse words in American Enlgish, really...