Jan 25, 2011

Are You That Into You?!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I see more and more people asking the almost proverbial "Is he/she that into me?". Yes, ladies, without breaching any confidentiality, I will reveal to you that men do ask this question too. After all they too are human, or at least are able to prove it when asked by a captcha. But I digress. So, back to the point.
When trying to figure out the answer to the question above people use various criteria - do we like the same movies? Are our backgrounds similar? Does the other person understand me? Is the sex good? Is there too much or too little? Did I meet the parents? Is that person willing to spend money on me? Time with me? Questions are aplenty. Yet the questions which are very seldom asked, if at all is "What does it really mean to me "to be into me"? "
"Am I into me?"
And from this starting point many interesting discoveries are made...
To be continued...

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