Nov 3, 2010

Picture is worth...

Researching existence of friendship (preliminary conclusion: it most likely exists :) and faireness of the universe (preliminary conclusion: it most likely does not :) IRL at the moment.
Muse to you later.


  1. Hey, you use acronyms too much - either decipher for masses or provide link to explanation :)

  2. Thanks for your input, going forward, I'll keep it in mind.
    However, as your example illustrates very well, my audience is comprised of mature adults, perfectly capable of demanding clarification when one is needed. :)
    IRL -

  3. Agree - I obviously found this explanation too (btw, another option is just to type "define:" in Google). The point is: I do not want to use tools to understand the text, period. It should flow directly into my brain...

  4. Oh, I see - you still have a fantasy of the world that "should" be the way you "want" it to be.... :)
    It's a great and very understandable one, except the world sometimes refuses to play into it...
    On my part however,I'll try to use Three Letter Acronyms less - ooops, almost did it again :). As far as feeding the musings directly into others brains - still WIP :)