Oct 30, 2010

Happy Halloween! And some helpful delusion

I only wish, I'd be the one to put it this way first, but here it goes:
On the other hand - isn't it better to know that you are not responsible for the whole world (yes, this one is not a delusion - even YOU are not! :) and some things REALLY CAN be delegated? :).
BTW curious, how many of you had a chance to read Adam Smith. I haven't, but am contemplating to do it now. Happy Halloween!


  1. We always dream about a better life - it is just so natural for human being. Sometimes having better life means possessing more "objects" or signs of prosperity or people just think it may substitute the real quality of life.

    It is indeed consumes a lot of hard work to reach the top which poses the question - does it worth it? Some of the poorest people I knew, usually from deeply religious families, are completely happy to live with the minimum. Some pretty well-off people are never happy with all the riches they achieved.

    On the other hand, sitting still and waiting for the happy days to come is destructive for society even if works for individual. Honestly, do not have a formula to solve this problem. Do you have one?

    P.S. Never attempted to read Adam Smith - please read and tweet me the highlights...

  2. Do I have a formula? You betcha I do! :) Any Confidante worth her salt has a formula - and it’s unique to each and every person and each and every society.
    But notice that those who are able to sit still – usually don’t wait for the happy times, since they’ve mastered the art of living in the moment.
    I think we, human beings, need certain amount of delusion to sustain us. It is as everything else – take too much and you got an epidemic of positive thinking, skip it altogether – and you leave with the constant awareness (not just knowledge!) that we all die anyway. And that the parents are the one to be solely blamed for their children eventually perishing – since by giving birth , they pre-determined inevitability of their death.

    Cliff notes from Adam Smith you want? Cliff notes thou shall receive. Not sure about tweeting though, by the time I get to it they are sure to invent something else, may be even finally make telepathy fully functional :)