Sep 25, 2010

Trying to glue a sunbeam to a piece of paper …

I’ve acquired a lot of wonderful acquaintances in my life. I consider it to be one of my achievements - my personality, geographical promiscuity and natural curiosity are all quite conducive to that. Yet, getting to know a couple I am about to write about, was just a fluke – being a member of lucky sperm club, if you will. I inherited them from my grandfather, and they are a rare treasure I can brag about.
Any attempts to describe this kind of people on paper usually fails – it’s about as hard as to glue a sunbeam to a piece of paper – yet I will try.

They are so full of life – not in an imposing “curb your enthusiasm and get me out of here” way, but in an “Indian summer” warm way – which one can just take in and count as a blessing. They savor life, every sip of it – and this ability is truly amazing, considering their life paths…
They were both born in Russia, year 1923… For those not so familiar with Russian history – very few of those born that year survived WWII… Most men were drafted or volunteered – right after their proms - and never came back… He was the “lucky” one – and he returned alive and almost unscathed… They both lived through Stalin terror – in fact he went to school with Vasilyi Stalin… They were both successful at their work and had a son…. Who was killed in a car accident at the age of 27… They came to the States when they both were in their seventies – and were able to accept and enjoy the new life….

I did not intend to write a biography, but I guess I just ended up gluing a sunbeam….. What can I say?... I am amazed… They are about to celebrate their 60 years together next month. After all these years and all this life, when they look at each other – they actually see each other… The way they were and the way they are… And, realizing all the impossibility of that I still wish they make it through another 60 – and secretly hope for a miracle, because they are a miracle themselves….
Hey, You, up there – do you hear me?!


  1. beautiful story...amazing people. I wish there were more of those around...thanks!