Sep 7, 2010

Short Musing on Jewish history - Dor Hamidbar

This time of the year it's only natural to be contemplating on all things Jewish (the main part, of course, being the home made Rosh A Shana dinner :).

But there is a bit more to the musings than dinner, so here it comes...

Dor haMidbar, the wilderness generation is the generation of Jews who came out of Egypt and wondered the desert for 40 years without ever entering the Promised Land.
One of the explanation is that those years in the desert were punishment for worshiping a golden idol, another one that 40 years is the time necessary for generational change to occur and thus ensuring that only those who are truly free enter the new country

I am wondering - what is the significance of that generation? Where else in history do we see a similar thing occurring? Are the intergenerational differences really that substantial?

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