Sep 4, 2010

Ideas market

Thanks to one of my guests, who wished to remain anonymous, I decided to put out there some thoughts I’ve been contemplating for a while.

“Idea market” – I think it exists already, but it probably is still in very early stages. I am also thinking that if we view ideas as products of human activity we are looking for “people market”. People are conceiving the ideas and executing on them the same way companies create new products and services. I can imagine a future where each one of us will be able to raise money by issuing personal equity and go public locally or globally, choosing to be OTC or exchange traded. I wonder wether an Ivy MBA will be viewed as an asset or as a liability in that market? J

Think about it – it’s already happening, however the market is not efficient yet and is primarily OTC. New ideas attract angels and VCs, but not only – now a days with all the social media and information sharing available a new idea gets to the general public really fast, and the public votes with their wallets or clicks

Please share your thoughts – and have a good Labour Day!

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