Aug 31, 2010

An esoteric meaning of shoes...

Why are women so fascinated by shoes? Here is my take.

Once I had a conversation with a client Ms. X about her struggles trying to decide between working for someone else versus starting her own venture in a very competitive field. When we were discussing her options and the never ending chain of trials that resulted in errors, I had a vivid association.

Instead of just looking for a new pair that fits her size and style she seems to be always trying on somebody else' used shoes.

The shoes analogy seemed to transpire and lo and behold X did start on her own. But not before she was able to see the niche that was truly her own, making her offering unique and new, hence without existing competitors.

Shoes might have this special meaning since, unlike clothes; they can not be easily washed and altered for the size. A fit is a fit is a fit - so shoes lend themselves well to becoming a symbol of one's true identity.

PS. Client confidentiality is very important to me. No identifying details will be revealed, unless I get an explicit permission from the client.
PPS Musing on men and shoes might be coming soon... Or not :) Stay tuned!


  1. funny but for me, it is always so difficult to find the right shoes...perhaps because the requirements are tough - they have to be esthetically appealing, and comfortable, and not too expensive. Impossible, he? :)

    the same with ventures - they have to be appealing to the audience, and be economically profitable for the owner, and this and it possible, though, to have it all?

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    It is not easy indeed - finding the right shoes and finding one's identity could be daunting... but the first step might be to realize that trying on someone else's is outright futile.

    ANd having it all... is probably impossible (ouch! or Oy Vey!), but having enough and being able to enjoy it might be a more realistic option :)