Aug 17, 2010

Do you have an idea?...

..and what does conceiving an idea mean anyway?
Sharing ideas... I wonder how many of us can truly share ideas, when those ideas are in their most vague and fuzzy stage. Very often , we can afford to define something as an idea, when it gets to the PowerPoint eligible form (and the PowerPoint can be the proverbial napkin - it makes no difference). When something can be put on a napkin , it means the idea has already been born and is in its formation stages. But what about the time prior to that - when it's all too fuzzy and undefined to be expressed in symbols, sounds or any other form of abstraction? How many are lucky to have someone to share these pre-ideas with?

And yes, this entry is an example of a fuzzy stage in idea formation:)


  1. Of course, now I get it. Bingo, my poodle, all this time he has been trying to convey some underformed idea to us. He barked, jumped and wag his tail frantically. If only we paid more attention! If only we knew how to read the signs! ;-)

  2. ... and you were only able to get him when he produced a perfect PPT... Poor creature :)

  3. seriously though, i see struggle not with ability to spot ideas early before they have been formed, but rather with having to give every idea its due. How does one tell a diamond from a rock? Which ideas are bound to succeed in what environment? And, lastly, for a fellow MBA, can there be an "idea market"?

  4. All very good questions, thank you.
    I am contemplating a post on "idea market", so stay tuned.

    As to how to find those destined to succeed - what does success mean? For example, would you say Modigliani and his ideas in art were successful?